Hallmark Spice

The heart-touching Hallmark Spice urn is sculpted by an artist from a solid piece of marble with tone variations attributable to the nature of real marble. A natural mineral shine with a spice finish adorns memories that will be cherished for generations.

The Water Lily

Designed by artisan Susan Hannon Gorman, the Water Lily urn features soothing aquatic tones and an elegant design for an imaginative and beautiful tribute. Each limited-edition Water Lily is numbered and signed by the artist. The urn also includes a certificate of authenticity.

Country Bouquet

Glazed and fired ceramic with a permanently embedded floral decal gives the Country Bouquet urn a soft yet steady voice that whispers gentle and pleasing memories.


The Blue, Green, and Cameo Rose Cloisonné urns are traditional Chinese handicrafts featuring copper with layers of enamel. The Beijing Cloisonné has enjoyed prominence among the world's handcrafted arts for more than 400 years.

Avondale Slate, Copper Marble, and Lavender

The Avondale urns are composed of 100% brass. Each of the urns receives its supple, calming effects from up to seven handcrafting processes passed down through generations of artisan families.


The Moonstone and Sedona urns offer classic choices in exclusive finishes with a marbleized texture for style and splendor.


Rich in appearance and sturdy in structure, these Marbelon urns (Marble & Pebble Dust) establish a lasting memorial with statuesque prominence.

Remembrance Companion

The Remembrance Companion urn is cast in bronze with a satin finish. The Remembrance Companion urn upholds the enduring power of love and friendship with an interlocking wedding-ring base.


Lifescenes urn is composed of a solid black walnut box with a cherry hardwood panel. All Lifescenes urn panels can be personalized. See below for the 12 different panel choices.

The 12 touching cherry hardwood laser-engraved panel scenes of diverse North American regional themes provide families with original, spirited options for personalizing their tribute to their loved one.

ABS Marbelon

This light-weight ABS Marbelon urn vault provides a secure enclosure for the urn. The urn vault is made of high-strength concrete and reinforced with durable plastic or a combination of durable plastic and metal.

Scattering Series

Scattering is naturally beautiful. With the Scattering Series, it's naturally easy, too. Lightweight, easy to open, effortless to hold and use--each of these memorials was specially designed to meet the needs of a unique and personal ceremony.

From left to right: Liberty Cherry, Monterey Maple, and Slate Gray